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As a vehicle owner, you pay instalments, insurance, servicing, wear and tear, and cleaning charges on a monthly basis. This could easily amount to an average

cost of over R6,000 per month

During the month you make limited use of the car, usually consisting of two trips per day, on weekdays to work and back, and then on weekends to the shopping mall or to visit someone. In-between these trips the car is parked off and is not utilized. In a 24 hour cycle, the car may only be used for 2 hours. You could also be paying for parking during the day.


What if we could give you the above benefits of the car, but you do not have to pay for the monthly costs? Yes!! We have the solution

A FREE CAR plus Monthly CASH

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Our current promotion

To provide you with a motor vehicle that you will own outright after 72 months or sooner.
While making addional income each month.


How to get started

You must qualify for vehicle finance or a personal loan.
You must have a joint income of R10,000 or more.
We purchase a car that is suitable for placement on Uber or Taxify.
You rent the car to us, so that we can manage the car on the taxi platform.


We pay for the following

  • All car instalments until the car is settled. You may take the car sooner, if you assist with co-payments or you wish to take over the instalments.
  • All servicing and wear and tear items. While we have the car in our possession.
  • All Insurance premiums.
  • Fuel costs while we use it.
  • Cleaning charges.
  • Cost of repairs to bodywork.
  • Excess in case of an accident.

You have access to the car as follows

  • Twice daily. Each trip must be limited to a maximum of one hour. The driver will pick you up and drop you off. Quite understandably, we need to operate the car to pay the instalments.
  • Every Sunday for the entire day, if needed.
  • One full week (7 days) per year.
  • When you use it, you pay the fuel costs of R0.95 per kilometer or you will receive it on a full tank and return it on a full tank.

What if you already have a Car

No problem. We will ascertain if your car is suitable for our application.
If not, we will trade your car for a suitable vehicle.
Or why not take on a second car?


What happens when the Car is Settled

Its your car!
You can take the car.
Or... leave the car on the platform.
The instalments that we were paying
toward the car will now be paid to you.

If you keep the car, you may opt to put a new car on the platform.

After 72 months, you have a FREE car.

Simply put

“You Finance – We Pay”.